El Fin del Mundo, Mocoa Colombia

To all those who are not “rapture ready” no need to worry; I can testify to the end of the world being freaking amazing. Seriously, between being swept up and taken away and staying and experiencing what we did today I’d choose the latter any day.

IMG 0761

What’s surprising about the end of the world (besides the fact that it can be found in Mocoa, Colombia) is that it is full of tiny monkeys, beautiful butterflies, crystal clear waters, ancient Inca pathways and raging falls, cascading 60-70 meters down sheer cliffs.

beautiful butterfly

IMG 0766

crystal clear waters

IMG 0803

ancient Inca pathways

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Sticking to our “no bus rides longer than 7 hours” rule we once again decided to stop “just for one night” in a town we had never heard of, due to it’s absence from any guide book we’ve seen. And once again our inflexibility has been rewarded. Tonight is our second night at the Casa del Rio in Mocoa, Colombia <http://www.casadelriomocoa.com/index3english.html>  and I could easily stay another week!

We had a feeling our “just for one night” stance would change when we pulled up to the casa del rio, set right on a beautiful river, 600 meters above sea level in the transition zone between the Andes mountain range and the amazons. Mocoa has a lovely warm and humid climate, the kind that just makes cold beer, hammocks wafting in the breeze and crystalline rivers even better!

Instead of leaving today (as initially planned) we laid around in a hammock and read away the morning, and then hiked through the jungle to a trio of incredible waterfalls the last and biggest dubbed “el fin del mundo”.

IMG 0805

Unfettered by silly United States inventions such as handrails or safety gates we crawled on our tummys to the edge of the of the abyss to be rewarded with stunning views of jungle spanning in every direction, the soothing roar of the falls crashing on the rocks 60 meters below and the peaceful feeling that comes with knowing that the end of the world ain’t so bad after all.

IMG 0806

IMG 0822

IMG 0811


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  1. Mom says:

    How wonderful. It makes me happy to think of you.

    Love, Mom

  2. Lauren says:

    WOOO!!!!! What amazing pictures! My stomach just turned at site of you on your stomach at the edge. Looks damn fun. … and the food in San Augustin…. hmmmm where to go

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